Julio Le Parc’s tribute at Las Garzas

Julio Le Parc’s tribute at Las Garzas
Julio Le Parc’s tribute at Las Garzas

This summer Rutini Wines joined Julio Le Parc in the Julio Le Parc Anthology presentation in Las Garzas (Rocha). With Eduardo Costantini as host and chef Camote Langer in charge of the gastronomy, a reception, held at dusk, was attended by many journalists and wine collectors.

The owner of MALBA is a must-see in the Punta del Este season. Las Garzas is one of its most exclusive ventures: a private neighborhood located about twenty minutes from José Ignacio, between the Garzón lagoon and the Rocha lagoon.

The evening’s menu consisted of:

  • Reception:

-Zucchini with mint and almond goat ricotta.

– Shrimps from Valizas with smoked paprika

-Focaccia, aubergines and roasted tomatoes.

  • Entry:

– Cold watermelon and tomato soup.

  • Main dish:

– Braised flank with bone broth and chocolate + mashed sweet potatoes and hazelnuts.

  • Dessert:

– Chocolate mousse.

At his ninety years, Le Parc is nowadays current as ever. From December 4th to February 24th, The Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) will hold for the first time an individual exhibition of his work. Le Parc’s exhibition at this iconic centre of modern art is sponsored by The Daniel and Estrellita Brodsky Foundation. Over 50 works of art will be displayed under the title Julio Le Parc 1959. The show is curated by Iria Candela. Twenty-four of these works are part of a generous donation the artist made to the hosting museum. During 2019 the famous artist will also be honoured at the CCK, in whose entrance hall his famous Blue Sphere stands, as well as at the National Museum of Fine Arts.