High scores for our wines

High scores for our wines
High scores for our wines

The prestigious Descorchados Guide, led by Patricio Tapia ―journalist, critic, author of specialized books, as well as a reference regarding South American wines― has awarded some very good scores to our wines.

The opinion of those who know is always very pleasant news, as well as encouragement to the quality of our wines. For this reason, we share some of the outstanding scores that we have obtained from the Descorchados Guide in its 2022 edition.


Apartado Gran Chardonnay

This wine was announced as both Best White Wine and Best Chardonnay, with 97 points. It is a wine of intense gold color and greenish hues. On the nose, it offers aromas of tropical fruit, accompanied by notes of vanilla and honey, provided by its aging in casks. On the palate, the aromatic palette is confirmed, and the wine reveals itself as unctuous, complex, and with a long, persistent finish.

It is a wine with an aging potential of 10 years, made of 90% Chardonnay and 7% Semillon from Tupungato, and an additional 3% Pinot Grigio from La Consulta.

Regarding pairing, it goes very well with coldwater fish, such as white or pink salmon, as well as lobster, king crab, prawn risotto, as well as white asparagus with melted butter and prosciutto, fine herbs omelet, seafood bisque, poultry with cream-based sauces, or even sliced oven-roasted turkey slices with Gruyère or Blue Cheese.

Antología LV

The Antología line’s peculiarity is that it is made up of unique and unrepeatable wines. In this case, it is an upcoming blend made up of Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, and Semillon. It has obtained 95 points as well as the distinction for Best White Blend.


Apartado Gran Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a varietal wine produced entirely with grapes from Gualtallary, Mendoza, which obtained the distinction of Best Wine of its Variety with 95 points.

It stands out for its intense red color. On the nose, it is complex and elegant, with notes of black olives and subtle licorice. In the mouth, it is a wine of great complexity, an explosive finish, yet balanced, with seductive tannins, inviting for another glass.

We suggest accompanying it with grilled Rib Eye or other red meats, as well as pork tenderloin, roasted peppers, grilled vegetables, or matured spicy cheeses.

Single Vineyard Altamira Malbec

This is a Malbec varietal, standing out among the wines of its region with 95 points. The terroir produces low-yield vines, which is why its grapes have an intense aromatic concentration, with floral notes and reminiscence of anise, combined with cocoa and toast. Firm and round tannins are perceived on the palate, as well as a fresh and long finish.


Like most great Malbecs, this one is ideal with roasted red meats, such as Sirloin, Rib Eye, or T-bone, as well as with lamb, grilled pork, or juicy empanadas.

The Guide to South American wines

In order to obtain the scores that will later be reflected in the catalog, the Descorchados Guide’s jury makes a selection of the top-scoring wines from the first round (an uncovered bottle tasting). In this second part of the process, wines with similar characteristics are compared —by grape, style, and origin— and from here, the final scores emerge.

The 2022 edition was presented in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on March 15 and 17.