James Suckling at Rutini Wines

James Suckling at Rutini Wines

James Suckling visited Rutini Wines winery in the Uco Valley. There he tasted wines for his report and renewed his passion for Mendoza and Argentine wine.

On his last visit to Argentina, the famous English critic and his team were particulary impressed by the Andean landscape. Walking through vineyards more than a thousand meters high, feeling the extreme conditions of this arid and imposing climate, makes one feel that same energy that is later tasted in each glass of these wines: its unique and vibrant texture is a clear reflection of the soil they come from.

During two weeks the team tried over 1800 bottles in which they found exceptional wines: Chardonnays that compete with the world’s bests, complex and subtle Malbecs, as well as Cabernet Francs and Cabernet Sauvignons, among others.

Suckling is convinced that it is a great fortune that Argentinian wine has gained much of its reputation from Malbec. It is a very versatile grape, which allows the production of wines of excellent quality in different ranges: from lighter and cheerful wines, to complex and subtle wines that have a strength such as a first line Pinot noir could have.

Although Mendoza is the undisputed center of Argentine viticulture, Suckling also highlights the potential of Patagonia, where first-rate Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are starting to emerge.

The latest trends confirm that the terroir imposes itself: single vineyards and parcel wines represent some of the best exponents of Suckling’s report. Each plot of these unique lands, combined with each year’s climate variations and with the producers’ hand are the starting point for some of the best wines in the world. In that sense, the production of 2017 and 2018 is expected to be truly exceptional.

Here are the scores for Rutini Wines:

91 points Rutini Antología L (50) 2017

91 points Rutini Colección Sauvignon Blanc 2018

92 points Rutini Brut Nature 2016

92 points Rutini Apartado Gran Chardonnay 2017

92 points Rutini Colección Cabernet Malbec 2017

93 points Rutini Colección Malbec 2017

93 points Rutini Single Vineyard Gualtallary Cabernet Franc 2016

94 points Rutini Single Vineyard Altamira Malbec 2016

94 points Antología XLVIII (48) 2016

96 points Rutini Antología XLII (42) 2014

97 points Rutini Apartado Gran Malbec 2016